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4 Ways to Stay Strong in Your Faith

by Kelli Mahoney


Sometimes you doubt your faith.  Sometimes just finding five minutes for God seems like just another chore.  God knows that sometimes Christians struggle in their faith.  Sometimes devotions do not really seem like devotion, but work. Sometimes Christians wonder if God is even there.  Here are some ways to keep your faith strong even when you feel a bit weak.

1.  Remember that God is always there.  Even in the direst times, when you just don't feel God's presence, you need to remember that God is always there.  He does not forget you.  True faith is developed even when you don't feel God.

2.  Do a Daily Devotional.  Developing long-term habits is important to maintaining your faith.  A daily devotional will keep you in the Word and enhance your prayer life.  It will also keep you closer to God.

3.  Get Involved. Many people become apathetic over time, because they do not feel connected to a church body.  Some churches do not offer ways to connect.  Yet, there are a lot of activities on campuses and in the community.  You can even look into other ministries.  The more connected you are to the body of Christ the more likely you will maintain your faith.

4.  Talk to Someone.  If you feel separated from God or you find yourself backsliding, talk to someone.  Try your youth pastor, your pastor or even your parents.  Talk through your issues and pray with them about your struggles.  They can offer suggestions because they have worked through their own struggles.

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